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Company Profile

Olivier Strelli recognized in high-end ready-to-wear is a brand with a great majority of its products are designed and manufactured in Belgium. The brand owes its authenticity and its emblematic brand for the implementation of noble materials, colors exotic and flowing lines.

1979 Creation of the Olivier brand Strelli which is growing internationally.

Authentic brand

African Boubou and printed ethnic with charming colors, the secret of Olivier Strelli lies in the roots Cosmopolitan roots of the family saga. Tribal drawings are hand drawn, before being numerised.

Each creation comes to life through a palette of eight to ten exotic colors that, once brought together, create a symphony. All the threads are hand-colored by a Belgian craftsman.

We are looking for the mixture ideal of extra wool, cotton and silk for the sake of elegance and lightness. This mixture is then woven to create a fabric that is both soft and warm. So it will take 8km of net close to 8 million wire crossing to finalize the making of an Olivier Strelli scarf.

Our vision

We wish to respond to the diversity of contemporary lifestyles through scarves of various models and formats.

A trendy look with accents ethnic groups reflects the spirit of modern nomads at the crossroads of teh world. Our followers do not therefore, do not group together under a common denominator.

We consider each collection as an evolution rather than a revolution, where each collection dresses the seasons with its colors and new graphics.

A succession of noble materials, warm colors and the attention to detail is the trademark of Olivier Strelli.

our values

We want to transmit our values ​​through our scarf collections: quality, warmth,sweetness, luxury, refinement, pleasure, cosmopolitanism, and color. Proud of our Belgian identity, we defend our local colors by producing all our scarves in a Belgian workshop.